We are all amazing and crazy people that get together to run this beautiful club.


Paolo Sabater


Through my time with HOUC, I've learnt the true value of stories: how everyone has one, and how they bring people together. I'm privileged to say my story currently includes continuing the vision that my friends had in 2015. My hope is through exploring new perspectives and sharing stories, our team can bring our campus community closer together.

Mabel Zheng


Much like reasonably well-functioning internal organs, I help keep things running smoothly within HOUC. I love this team and listening to stories. Can't wait to hear yours!

Alysia Kwong

VP Marketing

Moving here from Vancouver was easy because the people at U of C are what make this campus feel like home. I'm so proud of what HOUC does and I'm so glad that my role is to tell people about what we do!

Kourosh Banaeianzadeh

VP Development

I love computers, cars, and planes. But most importantly, I love talking to people. So if you ever see me, please let me nerd out about the coolest technology around the world. I'm just a nerd at heart.

Chris Tang

VP Finance

I am a fifth year Finance student. When I’m not in the mountains, I love to spend my spare time exploring, taking photographs, and making memories. Sometimes all of the above when I get to talk with the amazing people on campus!

Jonathan Liu

VP Internal

I’m a third-year neuroscience student and an avid procrastinator. When I’m not drowning in midterms and papers, I can be found in my kitchen trying out new recipes, or exploring the city. I’m also passionate about photography and storytelling, which is how I got involved in HOUC. I’m fascinated by the unique stories everyone has to tell, and I look forward to hearing yours!

Kate Finlay

VP Events

I’m a fourth-year Education/French student with a passion for organizing, planning and making each day a memorable moment for people. As HOUC’s VP Events, that’s exactly what I do - hope to see you at all of our events!

Hafsah Syed

VP External

I'm a Nursing student with a big heart and also a big stomach cause I love food. I also love talking to people, which is what I do here at Humans of UCalgary.

Junior Executives

David Marallag

I’m in my 5th year of an ANTH/HTST double major. I will write a story everyday if I could, but I love listening to one too, and I’m blessed that I can do both with HOUC.

Luna McDonald

I'm a second year science student who loves her caffeine.University life can be stressful and scary, but meeting all the awesome people on campus through HOUC has made all the late night studying and stressing over exams so worth it.


Sarika Haque

I'm a 4th year student in biological sciences. I like initiating conversations and capturing people's stories through HOUC. I also like science puns and ice cream it’s not that deep

Stephanie Chan

I’m a psychology student who loves drinking tea, taking pictures, and meeting new people. Hearing people’s stories brightens my day, and I can’t wait to hear yours!

MacKenna Christophe

Being an athlete and now a photojournalist, I found a reason to run from one end of the school to the other in order to find the most diverse connections around campus! If you see me, I'll likely be wearing something related to the Dinos Track team, talking fitness, and smiling from ear to ear. Come say hi and I'll be more than happy to connect!

Deanne Ella Melgar

My name is Deanne Ella. Writing and photography are two things I am most passionate about. On weekdays, I balance my time between taking photos, writing poems, and understanding why structures fail and where they fail (yes, I am studying civil engineering). Becoming a photojournalist at Humans of UCalgary opened my eyes to the beauty of diversity and existence.

Christopher Wu

I am a Finance student with a passion for technology and photography. This year I joined Humans of UCalgary to utilize my love for photography to make U of C a more connected space for all students. I hope to meet many diverse individuals around our campus, and share their stories with the world! My goal is to one day use my finance degree to help enable others to do what they love.

Adibba Adel

I am a second year Health and Society student who loves sharing ideas and walking up to strangers in hopes of making a new friend. Engaging in meaningful conversations and learning more about myself and others is why I enjoy being a part of HOUC.

Cameron Lansang

I joined Humans of UCalgary because I’m passionate about meeting new people and creating connections through stories and conversation. I love creating content that resonates with people, especially through photography and cinematography. If you see me around, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say hi!

Nicole Day

I moved from Ontario and found a home away from home at UofC. For each amazing academic opportunity I've been given, I've encountered twice as many unique individuals, each with their own story. The classroom isn't the only place to gain knowledge in university, and HOUC teaches us how a simple conversation can lead you to appreciate a whole new perspective.

Kelsey Stephen

As a new university student my biggest goal is to meet new people and get involved on campus. I love all things learning and most days you can find me in the engineering building. I’m excited to be a photojournalist with HOUC and I hope to share the stories of all the cool people on campus!

Raechelle Wight

I'm a first-year Communications student who is fueled by creativity and passion. I love dancing and painting, but I'm excited to add photography and journalism to that list. Usually I'm shy when I don't know a person, but as soon as I get a conversation going I'm an open book!

Chloe Joubert

I'm an exchange student from France who likes biking, red wine and shooting more film than I can afford. I'm looking forward to discovering Calgary through the lens of people who live here!

Sandesh Regmi

I've been to a lot of places in my life but I think university has been the place where I've met the most diverse groups of people. I love computer science but sometimes I like to just talk over a cup of coffee.

Leann Leung

I value the beauty of unique human experiences and I think everyone can sing and dance to their own life story. After travelling a bunch in my life, I learned that learning happens when you are the most unaware of. That’s why I am so thankful for HOUC for giving me this platform to continue to learn and connect with other humans in my home university though storytelling. Come chat with me! I don’t bite, and I will definitely love to hear your story!

Ayon Fateh

Hey, I’m Ayon, I am a second-year finance student. I joined HOUC to help me get out of my comfort zone and help me converse with people. My passions are sports such as soccer and weightlifting, along with that I love music, both listening and making music. Everyone is diverse and everyone has a story and I would love to hear as many as possible.

Olivia Pietras

I'm a fourth-year business student who loves to play sports and chat! I am convinced that university is so much more than attending classes and writing assignments - there's a whole community of people bursting with anticipation to share novel ideas and bring about positive change. My favourite thing is listening to stories of all the amazing people across campus - I'd love to hear yours!


Moujan Gilanmorad

My personal mission is to walk out of university with more than just a piece of paper in my hand. The passion I have for storytelling, photography and people has provided me with so many valuable experiences. My goal is to empower our team members to grow while continuing to bring a strong sense of community to this beautiful campus.

Tingting Yan

I founded HOUC in 2015 to bring our campus community closer together. Through the years, I've been privileged to work with a passionate team to share perspectives on life, love, learning, and everything in between. Everyone has a story - we're excited to hear yours.

Leighton Wilks

I guess I can be described as “that guy”. Yeah, you know…. That guy. That guy that connects people. That guy that tries to implement big ideas. That guy that you can go to with your big ideas. That guy that (hopefully) inspires. That guy that you go to when you need help, but don’t worry, cause you’ve got this 👉👉️. That guy that is thrilled to be involved with HOUC. You know, that guy…

Rita Egizii

I define myself as a social innovator. HOUC inspires me to continue working with, and learning from, the brilliant young minds that represent this planet’s ‘tomorrow’. I believe the unique stories of every individual is what forms community, and community is the ethos of human potential. My life pursuit is to connect to as many minds as I can, one person at a time – HOUC’s mission of working to unite the campus community through shared stories inspires, motivates and feeds my own desire to embrace the best of what each of us has to offer.

Dr. Bill Stell

My favourite activity is mentoring young people – science, research, careers, and life itself. An important facet of my life is building bridges to people in other countries and cultures, and fostering international collaborations. And my motto is, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you will help them become what they are capable of becoming” [Goethe].


Aishwarya Harish


Maximillian Hum

VP Innovation and Strategy

Benjamin Cooper-Janvier

VP Finance

Joy Camarao

Junior Exec

Usman Aamir

Junior Exec

Nada Salem


Sebastian Palencia


Angel Nong


Ida Shobeiri


Andrew Ly


Annie Vo