A showcase of what we have achieved.

Human Connection - Shooting for the Stars

The continuation of our Human Connection series this year has led to bigger, more extravagant events. We wanted to continue the expansion of the series and give the opportunity for more people to connect, and that led us to the Shooting for the Stars event. With the Taylor Institute Forum as our venue and stars for our décor, we brought on the theme of passion and youth. Seeking to spark conversation on what we love to do and how to bring out our inner youth, we had the pleasure of having two guest speakers, Christine Fiorini and Leighton Wilks, to discuss how they have incorporated their passions into their lives. Nestled in throughout the night were conversation prompts, giving the opportunity for our guests to have meaningful conversations with their peers, to open up about their own past and present passions, and how it impacts their lives or how they hope to rekindle them. Wrapping up our semester of events, we left in high hopes that our guests will continue to be mindful of their passions and carry on the spirit of making meaningful connections throughout their lives.

What keep you up at night?

We had a great turnout of 50 students sharing what keeps them up at night. The night was filled with heart warming stories of our fears, which took courage to discuss, but was complimented by the group's support to make them feel like they are not alone. Although the participants did miss Halloween , we provided them snacks to help them not feel so bad about missing out on Halloween.

Alumni Project

We want to share the diverse experiences and perspectives of our alumni, to inspire students to see the potential in their education and the opportunities that lie in the future. We hope to bridge the relationship between current and previous members of campus.

Human Connection - Night Event

Over the past three years, HOUC photojournalists have benefited from the impact of spending even just thirty minutes with someone outside a typical academic or peer circle. This year, we desired to share this experience with the rest of our community: we saw how applying the principles of photojournalism in real life – open-mindedness, curiosity, and empathy - had potential to facilitate growth and spur insightful conversations. Examples of past events include facilitating blindfolded conversations between 80 students, alumni, and community leaders, and distributing coffees with conversation prompts.


2017 Book

Due to our success in creating positive campus culture, HOUC won a grant to publish an officially branded, 60-pg book for the university community. You can check it out in public spaces on campus and in libraries!
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