We are all amazing and crazy people that get together to run this beautiful club.


MacKenna Christophe


Being a part of Humans of UCalgary has changed the way I communicate, connect, and approach the people around me. I’ve learnt that everyone has a story, and that every story shared is a true value of our experiences and our lives. I love to hear your stories and the passion I see when you share them. You would be amazed by how many people can relate! To be able to continue the vision and dreams from 2015 HOUC…. I couldn’t be more honoured.

Christopher Wu


Hey! I'm Chris and I am one of the Humans of UCalgary Co-Presidents for this academic year, and I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and minoring in Data Science. I joined Humans of UCalgary as a Photojournalist in Fall 2019 to find students who love photography and storytelling. For the longest time, I have had these passions in my life, however in my first year at UCalgary, I had a hard time merging them into my degree. Through Humans of UCalgary, I was able to meet likeminded students that have mentored me to become who I am today. My goal for this academic year is to provide the same mentorship and support to new students who are coming out of the pandemic dying for human connection, but may not know where to start.

Malea Nguyen

VP Marketing

Hey, I’m Malea! I’m in my third year studying Biological Sciences, and I first joined Humans of UCalgary in Fall 2020 as a Photojournalist. Connecting with one another has been such an enlightening opportunity — especially with HOUC, where I’ve been able to capture your story and bring your experience into light. Feel free to say hi if we ever cross paths, I’d love to hear about you and your passions, ideas, whatever it may be!

Ratik Kapoor


Hi friends, I'm Ratik! I'm the VP IT for Humans of UCalgary and I'm in my final year of Electrical and Computer Engineering! I love cars, biking, dogs, and meeting new people. If you ever come across me, feel free to poke and say hello!

Aneesha Bapat

VP Finance

Hi everyone! I'm a second year Business Analytics student. The reason I joined Humans of Ucalgary was because I loved getting to know people's life stories! I love how each and every one of us have their own unique stories. We bring those stories to life through our page. I'm a big music fanatic so if you ever need to jam out to some old classics, I'm your girl!

Maahika Mehta

VP Internal

Hey there, I’m Maahika! I’m in my third year studying Biomechanics and will be VP internal this year. I think I’ve always revelled in stories. The silent moments, unforgettable memories, life-changing experiences. And the sheer magnitude of diversity between all of our experiences is empowering. I think that’s what I love most about being a photojournalist for the Humans of UCalgary. No story is the same and there’s so much beauty in that. If we ever cross paths, feel free to chat with me about photography, climbing, poetry or anything else under the sun!

Addia Nasiry

VP Events

Hi! My name is Addia (she/her) and I am your VP Events for HOUC this year. I have been a part of HOUC for almost 2 years now and have loved every second! Being able to connect to the students and faculty on campus has probably been the most rewarding part of being in this organization. As this is my first year as your VP Events, I am super excited to create some awesome moments for all of our members and campus community! In my free time, I really enjoy reading, listening to music, and going out to dinner with my family and friends.

Kelsey Stephen

VP External

Hi there, I’m Kelsey! I’m a biomedical engineering student with a passion for learning new things. I joined Humans of UCalgary during my first year of university and absolutely fell in love. My favourite part about the club is that I get to be creative and have great conversations with people I normally never would have met. If we ever cross paths, feel free to chat with me about fashion, sustainability and anything that may interest you!


Aishwarya Harish


Maximillian Hum

VP Innovation and Strategy

Benjamin Cooper-Janvier

VP Finance

Joy Camarao

Junior Exec

Usman Aamir

Junior Exec

Nada Salem


Sebastian Palencia


Angel Nong


Ida Shobeiri


Andrew Ly


Annie Vo